Alex Sirb


Fathom Realty is owned by our agents. This helps ensure our core principles and company goals are aligned.

Fast Growing

Fathom Realty has ranked 6 times on the Inc500/5000 as one of America's fastest growing companies, and ranked #20 on the Real Trends 500 list of largest independent brokerages.

Fathom Cares

Fathom Realty gives back to our communities through agent-led service projects and charitable giving.

About Alex Sirb

I Don't Sell Homes, I Sell a Lifestyle!

WHAT I DO: I sell homes where people can make their dreams come true, where families come together, memories are made and goals are met.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Expect to see view the best homes on the market for you. Expect to find the most beautiful homes and to find the perfect one in a short period of time. Why? Because that's why you called me, to get the best homes and to get them quickly!

MY GOAL: To help my clients with their real estate needs be their first home, their investment property or their vacation home.

MY ADVICE: The wealthiest people in the world own real estate, lots of real estate, you should too. Buy your first home or invest in the next one.

READY TO TALK?: Contact me by phone at 916-770-7783 or email me at Feel free to use the "Contact Us" form on the website if it’s more convenient.

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