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The Commission Is An Investment and Not An Expense!

We all know that the plumber makes money by fixing pipes, the mechanic makes money by fixing cars and the builder makes money by building beautiful homes, but here is one aspect that a lot of people

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Everything Is Negotiable, Even New Homes!

Negotiation is part of our daily life, even if you don’t believe so. We negotiate for everything from the bread you buy to the home you purchase. You do not believe me?! Think about it, you

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Are They New?

As we all know the real estate market crashed back in 2008 leaving many people homeless and a lot of small builders bankrupt. Even if now the market is back to "normal" I am reminded about the crash

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Transitional Trends In Home Design

Here are the best in transitional design trends of 2018. Since I love pictures, here is a set of them for your enjoyment. Photo by Parade of Homes Twin Cities - Look for kitchen design

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